Jan’s Birds

I finished up the third piece for Jan – yes, more bird fabric! This time she set the birds in the center of crazy quilt blocks — again, super cuteness!

And a couple of detail pics:


Jan’s tablerunners

Jan had brought me three pieces – two of which are finished. The third one is still on my frame waiting for me to have a few minutes to finish it up. Until then, here are two of the three:

First this beautiful redwork embroidery tablerunner.

And then this super cute birds tablerunner. This is the second piece Jan has used this bird fabric in – I just love it, they are the cutest little birds!

So watch for the third piece in a day to two!

Martha’s Stars quilt

After almost a month-long (unplanned) break from this quilt I finally finished! This beauty was pieced by Martha — she does such amazing work!

Here are a few detail pics:

And, as always, a peek at the back:

I have a few stitch videos of this beauty coming up next week on my YouTube channel – make sure to subscribe (if you haven’t already) so you don’t miss out!

Claudette’s Bluework Quilt

I finished this beauty for Claudette. She did a wonderful job with her bluework hand embroideries – I just added some scrollies and a meander so they could shine. Such a beautiful piece!

Jan’s Quilts

I managed to finish three pieces for Jan before I left for Snowbird (separate post on that coming soon).

The first was this adorable baby quilt (and yes, Jan totally hand pieces – amazingly):

And then this beauty — this one is what I can Jan-style. She just has a way with taking many different blocks and pulling them all together perfectly:

And last was this little table topper:

I still have one more piece for Jan – it’ll be posted as soon as it is finished.

Color My World Quilt

Finished this beautiful client piece – Color My World quilt for Kris – it was the 2021 BOM for the Quilt Show (created by Wendy Williams) and is available here.

Here’s a few detail pics:

And, of course, a peek at the back:

Martha’s Vintage Rose

This is the third (fourth?) Vintage Rose quilt I have done. It is a beautiful pattern by Quiltworx. But this one was different… Martha pieced the quilt in silk… all of it… including the backing! Such gorgeous muted tones… I absolutely love it! I really wanted to quilt this one differently than the previous ones I have done. And that is a really cool thing about this pattern — depending on your color placement it totally changes the quilting design areas.

The full finish pic – well, the best pic I can get – the quilt is bigger than my photo boards as it was not trimmed (due to silk stability)

Some detail pics:

And, of course, a peek at the back:

This one is a real beauty!!

Martha’s Cactus Flower Runner

I actually have two pieces for Martha – this Cactus Flower runner (pattern by Quiltworx) and a Vintage Rose queen size. I started with the runner – it’s been a day or twelve since I’ve quilted anything so it was more of a warm up to the big piece. Also… I’m waiting on a thread order for the larger piece.

I apologize for not having better photos… the black fabric is incredibly difficult to photograph and see the quilting. Here’s a detail pic:

And here’s your peek at her Vintage Rose (it is all silk, yes, even the backing)… it is going to be gorgeous!

I’ll be sure to share it when it’s finished… it’s going to be a little while!

We plan, God laughs…

Isn’t that always the way? When I decided to merge the two blogs together I did my research. I made sure that each and every post came through — several have two copies, which is technically better than none, right? But…

There’s always a but…

I didn’t realize that none of the comments would come through… so yeah, 13 years of blogs and not a single comment. Okay… I can live with it — at least the content is there. Well… except for videos (they didn’t import). No worries, I can slowly go through all the posts and add the videos (if I still have them). Also, fixing cross-posted stuff – it’s a hassle, but the blog will read much better without a strange sort of didn’t I just read that. Oh, and non-relevant information – getting rid of that (like all my paid group links) yeah it’s going to be a process. But…


If you’ve subscribed here for email notifications, every time I edit a post you will get an email notification. I have spent probably a little too much time researching if there is any way around it… nope, it’s gonna be that way.

So… me being (trying to be) the positive person (I strive to be) had a thought. Maybe… just maybe, you’ll all enjoyed reading some older posts. We both might laugh in the process AND maybe my comments might start showing up again. Yeah, having zero comments kinda makes you feel like an inadequate blogger. Like nope, not even enough interest to talk about it… and… if you can’t stand all the notifications I’ve got a plan (oooh maybe I should reword that one)… IDEA… I’ve got an idea. You can unsubscribe and wait awhile and then re-subscribe? Or, just have fun reading along (or ignoring, your choice). I’m thinking the trip down memory lane might be kinda fun… I’ll even start the revising/editing from back in 2009… let me know your thoughts… you know… as comments… help a girl out over here!

UPDATE: No need to unsubscribe (well, unless you absolutely hate it here)… I’ve figured it out – it won’t resend each update. Woohoo!!!

GLPMQA Workshops

I’ve just returned from an amazing weekend with the Great Lakes Professional Machine Quilters Association – what a FUN group! If you haven’t heard about them check them out https://glpmqa.com/

I took only one photo… yep, the lake – isn’t it beautiful!! This was the view from the classroom – really, it’s a wonder we accomplished anything!!

I think I get too caught up in trying to present the best I can with the attention I have that I almost always forget to snap pics during class. Gwen totally saved the day – she shared a few pics with me!

I must say, this was really an awesome group – we all had a blast!!

Jan's Quilts

 I’ve just finished up these two cuties for Jan — and yes, they were long over-due — it’s been just shy of crazy over here.

I love how Jan told the story using the Very Hungry Caterpillar fabrics – a super cutie indeed!

And the bird circles — I love these birds!  Did I mention Jan hand pieces a lot of her work?  Amazing, right?!!

Long time no type

Well… it’s sure been a hot minute (umm no) since I’ve posted here.

Although I have been sending my monthly newsletters pretty faithfully… pretty much… almost… ugh.

Anyway… where to start?… my last post was November.  Guys… oh my… if I ever go that long someone send me an email with a wtf??   Seriously… yous weren’t even worried that I fell off the bloggy earth?

Okay… rewind to the monthly newsletter —  do you love it? hate it? could live without it? or… didn’t even know about it?  If its the latter, go to the website and enter your email on the WANT UPDATES? and then press UPDATE ME… you’ll have to confirm your email (it’ll send you a confirmation email) and that’s it — every month (if I don’t forget) you’ll get a catchup newsletter with everything quilty in my life… new products, what I’m working on, tidbits, freebies, etc.  — if you hate it you can always unsubscribe.  But please, don’t hate it…

Where to start the catchup…

The FB challenge group!

A fabulous group – each month(ish) Jodi Robinson and I issue a creativity challenge — participation is free, but if you want to attend the Spark and Recap live sessions there is a fee.
We have so much fun pulling inspiration for the Spark session discussions and then during the Recap session talking out our projects through step out pics and lots of laughs – nope, we’re not perfect… and it shows!
Here are a few of my previous projects:

Here’s a sweet little post from one of our regular participants:

So, since my last blog post I’ve shut down my Patreon… what?  I know… but, I’m sharing as much as possible over on my YouTube channel – if you don’t already, make sure you SUBSCRIBE, and also click on the notification bell so you don’t miss any new videos!

A bunch of new Gammill series episodes have happened (just click on the images for the full playlists):

I did sneak out to the Gammill Studio for some filming – it’s always fun when we’re there (a lot of work, but still fun).  And yes, I’ll be sure to share everything about it once I’m able!

We did manage to squeeze in an evening of crafty fun – UV resin – so much fun!
So other than some client stuff (other blog) and loads of computer stuff (transferring files), and fishing (lots of fishing), that’s about it.  No worries… I’ve just set a bunch of reminders so that I don’t forget to post (lets just hope they work)!
‘Til next time, happy stitches!!